Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Going the long distance

Ironman New Zealand sold out. It looks like it is the first time it sells so fast, only a couple of months after it went public. That kind of takes one big one off my bucket list for the short to medium term, which is good and bad. It is good because I don't have the presure to commit and do it and can focus on the world champs in september without worrying on building a huge mileage on the bike and run (specially on the run). It is bad because I'd love to give it a try to the big boy some time soon.
But I still haven't planned my next season, that is a must do for the next month, and I'll make sure I sit down with the boss (aka Nat) and we go through it.
Other than IMNZ, i'd love to race IM Brasil, close to home and with plenty of friend and family on the course or on the sides. It's a real shame that Argentina doesn't have a IM sanctioned event, it would be so cool. IM Brasil was last weekend and an Aussie bet the three best long distance athletes of south america. I reckon it is good to be kicked in the butt every now and then to fire a bit of anger in you, and make you work harder and harder so it doesn't happen again.
Last year I did a sprint race, and half way through the bike, coach went past me and gave me a telling off. I still remember how annoyed I was and how I made sure I kept him on sight to pass him as soon as I could.
On other occasion I was too sure I was going to kick ass in a shorter sort of swim run race and, again, I was passed by people that I did not know but was sure was not suppossed to pass me.
That anger can be a positive thing, if you know how to channel it.
I am a bit cautious that everything is ticking pretty well and something of the like may happen soon...
we'll see
It's a softer kind of week, my mate Gordo and I are doing this stage bike race and want to make sure I am fresh for it.

Date: 1 June
Stretch and core strength.

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  1. based on your posts so far, Ironamn training won't be that big an event for you. I went from zero to the current training levels, only thing is the time to put into it is big! good luck on the bike race!