Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The edited version of yesterday's post

I'm not retiring

I doubt there was any rumours about it, but just in case I want to say it. I'm not retiring after worlds, specially now that Auckland has secured the grand finale of the 2012 triathlon world championship.

Yes.. a tiny island of less than 5million people managed to get one of the biggest triathlon events in the market in the real world (sorry US, you are the magazine/movies world for me) for the second time. It speaks very good of the nat ional .n body (triNZ) and it's also a good reflection of how over-represented we are in the world of triathlon (New Zealand was apparently the first ironman race outside the US, and has 3 of the 9 triathlon olympic medals in the male race).

I hope this gives all the triathletes (and wannabe triathletes) a good reason to join a tri club. And a good reason to all the clubs to start getting "out there" and doing things. And a good reason for TriNZ to start working or closely with the clubs. I loved the club atmosphere during the aussie World Champs final last year. I'd love to see something similar or better.

And I'm not bitchig about people's participation here, I know the sport hasn't stopped growing in the last 3 years. I'm just hopeful that each and every one of us does their part to make 2012 a great year for triathlon in New Zealand, and (unfortunately for you, southeners) Auckland.

Back to this post's topic. I'm not retiring, I was considering a move to longer distance after Budapest (you know.. the big miles...the ugly tatoo in the ankle that I'm not gonna get... the big talk). But, dammit!, no way I'm moving out when I have the chance to kick ass in my own back yard!. I might do one or two, but the focust will still be to get out fast in the races.

We do our speed runs in the site where the world champs are going to be happening, We know each bit of the bike course, and the waitemata harbour has no place where I havent swam... retiring? NO WAY.

I'm gonna have to keep training, and harder  his time because each 30-34 male will be an obstacle for my qualification first, and a mate later.


  1. yeah, having a little trouble getting my head around this. Maybe I should copy it into word and edit out the crossed out bits...Is it a code?

  2. it reads,
    I'm retiring. there was rumours about it I want to say it I'm retiring after triathlon world championships to get in the real world. I speak very good of Nat body.
    I hope this gives all triathletes and wannabe triathletes a reason to start working or similar or better.
    and I'm bitching about people here.
    back to this post topic, I'm retiring after Budapest. I'm moving out when I have the chance. NO WAY I'm gonna be training harder.

    But is not funny any more... ha ha ha

  3. Are you or are you not ? I was really hoping to start training long distance in your company next year...
    Also thought that the race in question (2012 ITU grand finale)was a race for the elite and not the agegroupers like us... Maybe I am wrong. Is this the equivalent of Gold coast last year and Budapest this year. In which case I might have to rethink about my next season(s)...
    Saludos desde el viejo continente donde hace muchissima calor. Bueno, tengo que dejarte para banarme en la piscina exterior(28° C !!!)antes de ir a correr en el camp. Besos a Nat.
    El J.

    PS: have finaly bought a pair of carbon racing wheels.