Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Silly mistakes

I woke up with the legs feeling stiff.
Not suprising, but worrying nontheless. Skipped the gym in favour of 20min more of sleeping and bolted to work. I sat there all day catching up with stuff, staff and emails. when I realized it was 1pm and I had drank nothing. While I had lunch on my desk I thought which are the kind of things I do that are undermining my training. Here is my list:

Mini stretching sessions, most times I do between 5 and 10min of stretching, which is not enough, specially after long rides.
Driving after training or events: as an example, I jumped on my car after a 2.30 hour ride at high intensity yesterday afternoon. Not the greatest choice.
Don't watch the diet: again, too many times I am the self indulging triathlete, I heard somewhere that each kilo is about 1min on a 40km ride.
Little late nights, many times I don't go for a full 7.5 hours of sleep (that's my magic number, but I many times fail to reach it)
Lunch at the desk: not great.

I aim to get better between now and the mid july, I've calendared a review date to see how things are progressing.

the day ended with a 10km backyard run, the legs were happy supporting me as long as I didn't try to go fast, so I took it easy.

Date: 7 June
Sport: Run
Time: 54min
Dist: 10.7km
Comment: recovery run

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  1. isnt it amazing how much we actually know about doing it properly but blatantly choose not to so often! I am getting on the same mission you are, I have a couple of areas I have been ignoring, it's time to get it done!