Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the racers

It happened on one of the nights at the infamous Taranaki accomodation lodge. We were battered after a day of racing, ready for dinner, telly and bed. The communal kitchen was used by a family group and the conversation looped around racing techniques, wheel sizes, motors, laps and transponders.

Gordo and I cooked and ate dinner and overheard the group and after a good 20 minutes we were still wondering what sort of racing they were talking about, my guess was that it was some rowing sport, Gordo thought it was kart racing.

After diner we moved to the TV sofa and chatted with the group. It turned out they were pilots of radio controlled vehicles, participating in a 4up national championship: a team of 4 vehicles races round the track. The world of radio controlled vehicle racing as told by this guys sounded pretty interesting and after half an hour I was ready to swich to it and sell my bike and other toys.

I guess they may have had the same feeling of the world of cycling and triathlon according to Valentino. In brief (I need to go to bed soon), the rc pilots family and us shared something, we were all very much into our races and so passionate about it to the point of choosing to spend a long weekend devoted to the sport.

Although is not my whole life, triathlon does occupy a big chunk of it, and it has never ever been a burden (even today, with my stiff legs). I always hope that I can transmit that feeling of achievement that guides my training to others as these guys did with me when talking about their racing cars. I'm back in full training schedule till the weekend (two days offs!, yay!) and starting to wind up for the football world cup, here's a lil' video about teamwork that may make you smile.

Date: 8 June
Sport: Swim /// Run
Time: 60min /// 100min
Dist: 3.4km /// 16.4km
Comment: I loved going back into the water

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