Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On pacing

It keeps suprising me how difficult I find to nail the right pace at times. Depending on the time of the year, the sport and I guess many other things, sometimes the I am "at the right pace" and some other times I am "going too fast too soon" and other times "too slow" or "finishing too fresh"
I am talking about the combination of the speed and heart rate range required for some workouts. As one keeps piling years of training it should be a given that one gains some knowledge on how much to push to achieve those speeds and HRs. Unfortunately, though, it is al governed by one part of the brain that we can';t control at will. We can make mental notes, or paper notes, but when it's time to walk the walk (run the run would be more apropriate) anything can happen.

I struggle the most on the swim and the run because I can't measure live speed on any of them (a garmin 410x will do me good... so take note.. my birthday is on Aug.23). The infamous 7.5minutes run that I talked on a previous post is the first example that comes to mind. Time trials on the swim would be the second.

Today we had one and I sucked big time. There was no excuses, just very bad execution and some minor dissapointment (I'm quite resilient so it was over after a coffee and a muffin). It started quite well and after 500m the lactate buildup was throught the roof, the arms started getting the ants and I slowed it. After 300m of recovery swim I was back on the road. By this time the damage was done, I finished 15 sec's off the last TT (August last year). On a good note, that result is still some 20 secs better than last years personal worst.

it'll keep bothering me until I can repeat it and get better... I'm fired up again just by writing it, ha ha ha.

Date: 16 June
Sport: Swim /// Run
Time: 50 min /// 117 min
Dist: 2.8km /// 22km
Comment: TT /// very LSD

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  1. it is an easy game for me as they are all PB's at this point. This weekend is my first race since I started training I hope I can maintain some good speed. Heck, I will take your slow speed and be happy with it! Patience will get you there and you will kick butt!