Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I wrote a long post bitching about stuff (work, winter, blah blah blah). luckily I realized that I was missing the point. In brief, I've been a bit lost over the past 3 weeks and feel that it's a struggle to keep motivation high at all times. The good thing is that I know what may be the issues here.
#1 work stress
#2 winter is here to stay
#3 not having a full programme
#4 plateau in swimming performance

So let's break it down: Work is work and it will not change, I can, and I will.
Winter comes once a year, and there's no way out, just a bit of "harden up" juice.
I'm meeting with coach for the rest of my programme and hopefully to work out what's going on with my swimming.

We're getting a bit more clarity now: there is issues, and there is solutions. So why am I worried? I DON'T KNOW. But now that I've written it down it doesn't appear so complicated. Maybe I just needed to think about it for over 3 minutes. and it's done.

On another note, we've beat Greece 2-nil and passed to the second round of the World Cup, I lost my voice again, but only for half a day. A happy man again.

Date: 22 June / 23 June
Sport: Cycling / Swimming
Time: 70min / 70min
Dist: 37km / 3.7km
Comment:  finally cought up with my training log and the blog : )


  1. It is awesome that you figures out the answers to your challenges so efficiently! That soccer stuff is blurring your thought process! :) Happy training!

  2. That's why I drink, "it's the reset button". That's the best advice I can offer. haha.