Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tour of the Naki, Day 1

AM: TT (flat-ish)
We woke up with enough time to have a good brekkie and prepare for a cold day out. I went for muesli and two toasts, and double serves of coffee.

There was a race briefing and registration. I’m number 139.

From registration till my time of the TT there was plenty of time to kill so we hang around and went for a long warm up.

The TT was 3.5km out and back, with tailwind and downhill on the way in and the hard way the way back, which is hard enough when you are all anaerobic. I did a 12.40, which was a bit disappointing 22nd place in the grade. I don’t know why I just couldn’t fire my legs up on the last 2km.

Gordo did a 13.13, that got him on the top 10 of his grade.

PM 62km flat-ish

The afternoon race was 60km on a flat-ish course and I did better. It was all aggressive to start with, then it settled and then it went again for all the intermediate sprints and king of the mountain. I had a crack at one of the sprints but went too early and got passed by the expert. The finish was a mass sprint (‘bout 50 riders on a partially closed road) I managed to finish on the first dozen wheels, but I haven’t seen the results yet.

Back to the lodge for a pasta Bolognese and trying to call Nat.

Stay tuned
Date: 5 June
Sport: Cycling /// Cycling
Time: 12.40 /// 1.45
Dist: 7km /// 62km
Comment: first day of the tour, it’s all about conserving for the hills.

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