Thursday, June 17, 2010

off to the local

Another busy day at the office.... only 5 more to go and then I'm back to normal (I've noticed that this little tenure has also help me gain some weight, which I am not as happy for).
Anyway, time flyes and I'm off to see the Argentina game with a crazy crowd, I've got a 6am swim that I don't know how I'm gonna do to make South Korea will be a serious game and we need to win to secure our ticket to the second round.

I've been thinking on yesterday's post and I may have the secret for pacing, so if I were you I'd check this space again to discover how to nail those sessions.

Date: 17 June
Sport: Cycling
Time: 75min
Dist: 40km
Comment: first road ride since the Naki tour, and I still haven't cleaned my bike!

1 comment:

  1. what, you can't do that! if you are going to talk about the trick spill the beans now!