Tuesday, June 15, 2010

it was only a fright!

The legs are OK, I made to the gym and spin class later and there were no issues. I even run off the bike and it was fine. I'd like to think is over.

Besides, I am looking forward to have a long chat with coach and start fine tuning more details for the following two months.
It is funny how the off season-in season mixture that the september race brings is long enough that I need a bit of re thinking half way through and at the same time, it is short enough that I am almost half way there!!

There has been some development in the details of the race, someone really nice has managed to get us a very cheap place for the week of the race. And there will be some more fundraising coming on soon, so stay tuned.

On the bike front, I'm still chasing a good TT bike so I'll see what comes my way, but I'm sure I will get one before August,

that's all that's to report for today,

Date: 15 June
Sport: Cycle /// Run
Time: 1.10hr /// 14 min
Dist: n/a /// 3km
Comment: indoor trainer and transition run, all looking good!

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  1. good to hear all the parts are working as they should! Very cool on the cheap place for race week,nothing better than saving a few $$!