Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tour of the Naki, Day 0

Got on the car at 4pm from Auckland. It took us 1 hour to get out of town and 4 more to get to Strattford. Strattford is a mini city in the south of the Taranaki region, farmlands and a huge mountain that dominates the landscape, the weather and the hydrology of this country (aka the king country).

I was OK with one bag and one big container, Gordo was a bit overprepared and brought all sorts of bas (one for sport clothing, other for casual clothing). On the last minute we decided not to bring windtrainer, which proved to be a mistake.

We had also planned to get to the lodge and eat there, but had to re think our plans and go for a good ole kiwi tucker from a small fry shop from a smaller village, 1 hour from our destination.

Got there late, went to bed and spent a cold night trying to get ready for the first big day. While putting the bike together I manage to stick a swiss army knife onto my tyres (by the way I didn’t have spares), and had to improvise with a superglue repair.

Date: 4 June
Sport: Swim
Time: 45min
Dist: 2.7km
Comment: Season’s best 400 (5.16)

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