Sunday, June 27, 2010

the epic rides

Today marked my last long ride (over 4hr) of the preparation for the Budapest tri. The work will focus now in getting less mileage but at a higher pace and slowly tune up to get the perfect 40km by the second week of September.
On a good note, Nat and I will be getting some more of our Sunday mornings back. I'll be also less chaffed you know where, and I may not need to stock up huge amounts of food in my bento box.
On a sad note, I'm saying goodbye to the epic days of getting out of the city and back in all sitting in my trusty Avanti Quantum (aka "blueray"). One thing that I enjoy about the base training is the epic rides. Getting up early, battling mood and temptations (a lazy sunday in bed reading and doing just nothing), getting out in the dark after a quick porridge and pedalling. Pedalling for 3, 4, 5, 6 hours through the city and the countryside, through the woods and the beachlands and stopping for a feed in at the dairy. Bonking every now and then and enduring the cold(ish) and the heat.
I love that sense of adventure that the long bike rides give me. Cycling is the weakest of my disciplines and even though I've been continuously on a bike since I'm 5, I never rode over 30km until I was 28. Slowly I've learned to enjoy it, and now I love it. I'm already lobbying Nat for a biking holiday some time soon.
So, the next 10 weeks will be mostly urban riding and lots of windtraining... the challenge will be to be able to sell it to you as a good blog post... we shall see.
Date: 27 June
Sport: cycling
Time: 4.30hr
Dist: 100km
Comment: what an awesome day!

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