Monday, June 14, 2010

back to business

Well... not quite.
We had a nice holiday and my legs were certainly glad that I gave them a rest. I went for a swim and a run on the friday and that was my last workout for the weekend.
Wellington is the capital city, the city of arts and dirty streets, and they said a weather that drive you crazy. I've been lucky that all times I went there the gods were nice to us. This weekend was no exception and I walked up and down those nice streets for the whole day and night.
The way back was suppossed to be a 12 hour train ride through beautiful countryside but that didn't happen, instead I drove 9 hours from A to B so we could make it home.
The result: legs tired, mind tired, heart full of joy, went to bed after 11pm... missed swimming in the morning.
But I didn't feel guilty. As coach says, there is no such a thing as a make up workout. Today I decided to listen and play safe.
Out for a pm run and I could only warm up when a strange kind of cramp (see attached explanatory figure) started giving me a hard time. I thought I could run through it but it only got worst, so after 10 minutes I was out of the track. wondering what the hell it is that happened.
I am not worried as I know tomorrow I will feel nothing and could run the session by myself, and it also ment that the weekend was 3 days instead of 2. These little weekends out are important in many senses, specially to accumulate brownie points, but also to let the mind off the day to day stuff and sleep in.
Tomorrow is the start of the second phase of my programme. It has already been popping out in some of the swims with faster tempo sets and lil' time trials, and it will surely start to show up on the run as well. The bike, I think, will wait for a couple of weeks. Phase 2 is about strength endurance, which means a faster  pace all around and some high intensity swim/run. It should be all good and the miles I've put in the last two months shouldn't have taken any of my fitness, on the contrary, it should be up.
I also changed the design of the blog, out of boredom.

Date: 14 June
Sport: run
Time: 10min
Dist: 1.5km
Comment: unescheduled pit stop... to be continued


  1. I find the pit stops frustrating at times, but I listen when they come to help stop the potential bigger things that could come! SOunds like a good weekend(with exception of long drive)

  2. yeah.. i'm pretty good at not doing anything when in pain that I know is not training sore. I've notice that the cramp makes mi feet get an extra finger!, ha ha ha