Monday, June 28, 2010

Vote for Valen

I bidded to get funding through an initiative called do your thing. This company has 100 grand to give away to different people (or one only) and I thought it could help me go to Budapest and past.
I need the two readers of this blog (that's including you, Nat) to vote for me and pass the message on, I need you to help me on this one.

so.. what's in it for me? you may think,

Well, first of all there's the pleasure of reading this lines day and day again and finding how good a choice it was to pick the triathlete way of life.
Then I can offer one triathlon tip per each of you (two) that votes for me and lets me know.

And I am open to any offers as well... it's a two way thing.

so, get ready, go voting and THANK YOU... sincerely.

On another note, I've got the programme running from next sunday (why do coaches start programmes on the Sunday?). there's 3 days off in the next 6 weeks, so don't be surprised if I skip the odd post. I;m under strict orders of resting, recovering, and eating well.
I'm giving it the best shot... I shall prevail

Date: 28 june
Sport: Swimming /// Running
Time: 65min /// 50min
Dist: 3.5km /// 9km
Comment: dark, cold and wet, running doens't get any worst.


  1. Voted for you...those strict orders sound good!

  2. thanks!,
    I'd forgotten about it until yesterday.. I'll give a couple of tips in the next log.