Monday, June 21, 2010

The secret of pacing

Well… I thought I would leave a few days to add suspense to today’s log. I’m pretty sure that readers by the hundred have congregated to the road to Budapest to know what is the secret to pace greatly for each and every workout, for each and every race.

In brief, I reckon it all comes to knowing your limits and your objectives, using your brains a lot for other than running or swimming or biking and calculating your efforts and recovery time. Above all, recovery time.

Knowing your limits: it is important to blow it up every now and then. To know the signs that come just before that bonking episode and what comes just after. I am not great at blowing up, but I had had my few occasions. I learned a lot from them and every now and then I will try to push the boundary a bit further.

Knowing your objectives: it’s important to have some target time or distance and making sure is something that can be done without blowing up. Or at least pretty close to. I always have in mind what coach or I need to get to have the word “decent” next to workout”

Using your brains a lot: I found it helpful to play math games during some swim or run sets. It helps me concentrate on things that don’t hurt. And it helps me to make sure I am alert and awake and the best I can be on the day. I can also project what will happen next.

Recovery time: most workouts are repetitions, with a very short recovery time. The fitter you are the better you recover. And the more you recover, the fitter you become. So, it is not only important to make sure the rest intervals are respected, but also that day to day you have a good sleep.

Finally, when it comes to execution, I have many complex formulas, but the most commonly used is: set the target speed/time a couple of k’s or sec’s faster or slower. Start on a 90% of the altered target speed, settle to 85%, and finish on a 100%. I only get it right when my mind and body are in good sync. And that is something that everyone has their own way to achieve.

That’s my 2cents worth on the matter. If it does make a difference, I’m happy for you.

Dates: 18-19-20 June
Sports: Swim/Cycling/Run/Cycling
Times: 60min/45min/55min/300min
Dist:3.1km / n/a / 12km / 130km
Comment: It was a quiet wet weekend with a long ride at the end


  1. know your limits is the most realistic I agree. But when you are heading into the unknown it is ????? I know what I can do a short race in, now triple everything and what an I capable of. great post!

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  3. "poat". great. I meant "post". sorry. I'm sure your poat is cool too, though.