Friday, June 25, 2010

Pool length

All of my swim training has been done in a 25m pool. Very occasionally I go to a 50m pool to work out when I can't make my class. Both of them have their good things and their bad things. And I always wonder if any of the two will be more suited to the sport.

After readin for a bit I found that the 25m pool allows for more turning and gliding (about 30secs in a 200m swim). That "downtime" is good for the body as it disperses lactacte accumulation and may even give the muscles the change to replenish creatinine stores. It also helps to bring the HR down for a bit. Times are usually shorter in a 25m pool and the speed is faster.

The 50m pool, however, provides the chance to teach the body to deal with lactate accumulation and work in a higher heart rate ratio, as the pauses are less.

In my personal experience, I like the 50m pool because I can do a lot more "stretch and glide" long sets and practice my secret 3-3-2-2 cycle that I do in races.

As in most races we don't have time for a pause and pull off the wall, I'd say the 50m pool is better for us triathletes because it's more close to open water than the 25m pool.

The weekend has started and there's a race report to come (2up TT on the Sat) and some more photos (going for another long ride on the Sunday. I'm off to a siesta to get the body ready for action,

Date 24 June / 25 June
Sport: Cycling / Swimming
Time: 75min / 60min
Dist: 39km / 3km
Comment: 400m TT shows I'm swimming backwards, SHAME!


  1. how secret is your secret 3-3-2-2 cycle? Because it sounds interesting. Can I send $19.95 + shipping and handling somewhere to get the DVD?

  2. hi!... nothing extraordinary, some more info on
    but a post about the swim cycle will come soon.