Thursday, July 1, 2010

Honouring my word

Thanks to all the ones who voted me, we’re a month away and I need to collect 3000 more votes to have a chance… It’s gonna be an uphill battle (but only to the top, then is all downhill).

I said I would give triathlon advise to whoever voted me and let me know. And today I’m honouring my word. As there was only three of you I’m not going to spill all my worth of sports knowledge. Besides, there’s plenty of people that had said wiser things before, so here’s my contribution:

Three things I didn’t know you need for your triathlon races

Killer instinct: often left aside by coaches and athletes outside the elites, this is one mighty weapon that can turn your performance on or off. Combined with good fitness, this is the best way to make an A race your race, always.
Killer instinct drives you to get in amongst the washing machine in the swim, keep tailing that guys that just passed you and sprint to your max in the run.
The only counter indication is that killer instinct can drive you to hit big walls at time. It’ll always work better in combination with good athletic state.

Running legs: I’ve seen this time and time again, and I’ve suffered it myself: triathletes don’t pack their running legs for races, and end up going at the same pace as when they trained hard. The running legs can’t be purchased online. They have to be grown. A pair of 35min10km running legs take a good year or two, a pair of 30min10km running legs take a five year period to grow, and only on some types.
The key here is to make do with whatever is there in your genetic wardrobe, and MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE you pack them for your next race. All my run pb’s are triathlon races. And I never go more than 10% close to them at any one time during training.

Racing experience: the more I race, the more I like it. Same as the running legs, racing experience does not retail on bike shops. I find this blogs a good source of second hand experience, and of course many time I pick things that may apply to my races. But each race I learn more and more.

Happy training!

Date: 30 – 1 July
Sport: swim / cycling
Time: 60min / 60min
Dist: 3.6 km / n/a
Comment: I was beaten by my wife in the 10x100 free with fins set (shame!)

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