Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mind games

Day 4 of the hard week on the programme and I'm spent big time. It has been a bit of a jump in the intensity and another one in teh volume of the workouts. I am also doing everything by the book (that means that I'll run 70 minutes and not 68 or 73 at the right intensity). I am working towards an outcome (being the best I can for the race) and can't afford to miss any of these work-outs.
There's also the mind games.
I am a very calm type of guy. I don't panic when under pressure and I very very rarely get angry. Anyway, it happens that when training becomes a job and every day I has more and more on the plate for me, I end up focusing on the wrong things. I've been bothered by a mild cold that never develops, pain in the shoulder, pain in the neck (I need a new pillow) and sore calves.
It is not the first time that happens, but I'm making a stand not to let any of that to interfere with my training. None of those aches and pains are really painful to make me stop a workout (most times) , but they do alter my concentration and I won't let that happen.
Triathlon is an endurance sport, and one thing I have learned is that endurance does not only refer to the ability to endure physical activity for prolongued periods of time, but also to the ability to endure some pain associated with it. I'll be doing a bike workout on my own this evening, and I will have to shut the pain windows for some time.
So, here I am, 2 months out of the race and already playing mind games with myself, this is going to get interesting.

On a second note, while re reading what I wrote I realized that this is what happens to me when making the change from base to competition period, the first couple of weeks are quite traumatic and then it all goes smooth as.

happy training everyone,

Date: 7/8 July
Sport: Swimming/Running/Running T/Cycling
Time: 60min/70min/15min/60min
Dist: 3.2km/16.8km/3.2km/n/a
Comment: bring on the new pillow!

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  1. you got to where you are with persistence and I don;t doubt you will kick hte adjustment in the butt and be on your solid game in no time.( I feel for you though!)