Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gear Review - MacPac Tempo rainjacket

The jacket is from the “world famous in New Zealand” MACPAC brand. For the ones who don’t know, MACPAC is a pretty popular manufacturer of middle/top of the range tramping and mountaineering gear. Their range has widened in the last couple of years after they changed owners. I didn’t know they did some gear for multisport, they should advertise it because not a lot of my mates knew it either.

Yesterday’s night training was a good night to test it: just as we started, it started to rain and the wind picked up and chilled the dark docklands car park where the magic happens.

The tempo is a mid range rain jacket and it’s rainproof qualities are good. I went out in moderate rain for 30 minutes of and the jacket kept me dry allright. I could see the droplets being kept outside the shell, wich is quite a change from my previous rain/wind vest.  It takes only 10 minutes of rain to get the water through the fabric on my vest. Wind protection was awesome, there was some 10 minutes of hard wind and it felt like nothing (face and legs were cold, though). I think this is the kind of gear that I’ll grow to have with me at all times.

The sizing is reasonably big, which is what I usually expect from the brand. I like jackets to be tight, yet roomy and this size S one is just that. The length of the arms is perfect and there’s lasercut holes under the armpits that provide some ventilation during exercise. The back is a tiny bit longer than the front of the jacket, something that helps if you’re planning to use it for a bike ride.

The main issue with rainproof and waterproof gear is that it the waterproofing comes at the expense of breathability. The more resistance to the elements, the most moist that will keep looping around in between the garments and the body and the surrounding environment. The Tempo is no different, but given yesterday’s conditions I was pleased to check that my base layer and running top were almost dry.

At $109 NZ, this is not a cheapo, but the Teflon frabric is supposed to be pricy. Macpac has also a very good customer service reputation and do their own repairs. Macpac has also a reputation for durability, something that I can’t say for a lot of my triathlon garments. So I think is good value for money.

I still wonder why they don't start marketing themselves to the multisportes a bit more.

As far as my sporting life goes, today I had a visit to the physio (3 more to go and I’ll be even better than before the injury) and the usual bike run session.

Date: 27 July
Sport: Cycling/Running
Time: 70min/15min
Dist: n/a / 3km
Comment: it doesn’t feel like a hard week, let’s hope it stays like that.


  1. Never heard of this brand, wonder if they do business in the US? Sometimes companies make stuff and forget to identify all their possible consumers, funny.

  2. that's a pretty cool jacket, simple cut but functional. Their mountaineering roots will probably be a plus for breathability/element resistance, but a minus for sizing. Glad the "S" fits you well, though.

  3. Nice Jacket!
    great luck being able to "test" it out right away...


  4. I have been looking for something similar for a few months and never managed to find something affordable (was more like 2 or 3 times dearer..) Can you tell use where you got it from? I think this is spot on for cycling, mtb, running and summer tramps. Nice job. Jeremy

  5. macpac sale, newmarket accros 277.
    tell them you read this in my blog and that they should give me a freebie!