Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Wrap up

The wheather wasn't half bad, so I enjoyed a bit of outdoor life. There was a run on Saturday and I'm happy to report it worked 95% OK. I just had to run 30 minutes, I run 35 and the last downhill brought a little niggle, but nothing serius.
Lot of stretching afterwards and that was as far as it went. I was tempted to go swimming but there was too much to do at home and uni.

Sunday we hit the road with the boys for a easy long ride, but the day was soo good. The air sooo clean and the legs felt so happy, that it was a moderate ride with a coffee finish. I packed 2 of my kick ass bars, but this baking turned out to be really tasty, so by the end of the day I have almost finished with the lot. The right combination of salt, apricots oats and honey. I wonder if I can ever repeat.

I also had a flat, It's the first one for the year, which is not half bad. Having a look at my tyres they will need to be replaced soon. It was my first try with a CO2 cartrige and I messed it up, badly, I was tempted to stick my tongue like you do when you are young and fool, but I resisted.  Anyway, another practice session: changing flats.

Happy training everyone

Date: 17 July / 18July
Sport: running / cycling
Time: 35min / 180min
Distance: 7km / 80km


  1. Great news on the run ! I need pracctice with the co2 as well...

  2. ha ha ha....
    I like to think I am an overweight bald Schleck.