Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bad news and good news

The bad news is that I'm injured for the first time in three seasons
The good news is that the injurie is not a biggie, though.
I went to physio today and had the bad and the good news delivered, together with a telling of because my flexibility on the lower limbs sucks. I am a series of injuries waiting to happen. (I take it lighthly.... it can only get better!).

So it will be a bit less intense on the run front over the next week or so and hopefully it all should heal propertly. Coach has amended the programme to suit, and I may be even getting on the aquajog lane in the next days. But the most important bit is that I can continue with my programme on a 90% of what was planned.

What hurts the most is that I have to give in to Nat's invitations to start going to yoga with her. She's been telling me to start from the last year and a half and I've always been able to fend off the charges, but this time I'll have to agree. And she's gonna make sure I am aware she was right from the very beginning (ha ha ha... delights of the married life)

All in all, it can only be good, because it is a good wake up call and there's enough time to minimize any losses.

the lesson learned: lots of stretching, specially after excercise.

Date: 13 July
Sport: running / cycling
Time: 15min / 60min
Dist: 3km / n/a
Comment: 16kmTT - sub 24min - Personal best on the windtrainer!


  1. I have done yoga since the fall and I think you will like it! it is a good stretch and depending on the type of yoga can also have a good strengthening workout as a benefit! it an easy way to get a good stretch in!

  2. Yeah man, I gotta agree with Skierz on the Yoga. That said I don't always follow my own advice but I really should.

  3. Ive also not been heeding the advice of many to get into some Yoga classes....though I HAVE been doing better stretching (only after getting injured earlier in the year) get well

  4. yes... another more workout to fill my week. But it is so worth it!.