Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Le tour

The first reference that I have of the tour is some newsflash from the early nineties, when Indurain ruled. I remember reading bits and pieces here and there and then it all dissapeared until some years ago, when the big texan brought the tour back to the masses.

It's a truly amazing race, a feast of endurance cycling and certainly something that is up there in the bucket list for me to go and watch, ride and drink.

I started following year in, year out and the last 4 editions I've been up there following each stage, highlights and web coverage. I don't have the sports channel to follow it on TV, so I've been most happy when people gives me old editions that I can watch on DVD. However, same as I do with Kona, I prefer the written words. The race recap, the stage narrated hour by hour and sometimes every 10 minutes. The opinions right after, the winner's view of the race and everyone's take on the events of the day. I love the vertigo of those chronicles and how the writer battles to keep one put on the seat... reading.
And the photos.
It is more demanding and time consuming than the TV coverage, but a thousand words, many times say more than one image. May and July are months of joy for me, there's books I'm reading, but what I read more is the websites, blogs and papers stories on how the tour and giro are going.
So today I started my day with half hour of tour reading/watching and I was a happy man. No sore legs from yesterday, no sore shoulder, only one itching desire to go out riding for hours.
Unfortunately life catches up and I had to go and do some work, and it's rainy and cold, so the road is a no-no. I'll be seating in a windtrainer for an hour and that'll be my day,
but no one can take my morning joy
Date: 5-6 July
Sport: Swimming/Running/running T/Cycling / Running
Time: 60min/60min/15min/70min/15min
Dist: 3.3km/9km/3km/n/a/3km
Comment: slowly building fatigue, this is getting good!


  1. when's it going to clear up? I know what it's like to jones for the bike...

  2. This will be my first year following TDF coverage from start to finish...I think - so far I have watched the first two stages and will be taping each stage. I am a biking rookie big time