Thursday, July 15, 2010


I'm officially on track. Even with a small hiccup it's all go for the World Champs.
It is time now to start fine tuning every bit of the race.

Today I sat and thought about the swim and T1:
The swim is a mass start (only the age group, though) so it will be between 150 and 200 of us. The circuit is M shaped with 2 left turns of 180º and two right turns, one of them 180º and the other 90º.
The first 400m is a straight swim and then there will be carnage on the first turn. It is important that I make it to the first turn fast, really fast, hopefully among the first 10/20 people, Otherwise there's a lot of time to be lost.

Then it should be a bit easier (just a bit) to deal and surely some people will make way and it will be a front pack, and a few of us in no man's land. until the end when everybody in our backs will start charging.
I expect to get to the finish in decent form and be able to keep the same pace that getting towards the first turn.

Training for a swim like that means a lot of explosive sets (200 and 300 metres all out) combined with longer sets (500 to 600 metres steady). At the moment most swims are heading in that direection, and they are truly tiring at times, but I know they are good. A good boost in confidence should come with the next 1500m TT.

I'm doing my first T1 practice on the weekend, swim 200 with the wetsuit, get it off in a flash and get my bike gear on. As it will be most probably indoor, I won't be able to ride. Transitions are an easy buck to make and sometimes I've been guilty of taking them too easy. To gain a minute in any of the disciplines takes 4 months, to gain a minute in my T1 will probably take 3 or 4 practices. I need to be smart about it.

What has problably helped me the most is this transition tip from my mate Ro.

Date: 14/15 July
Sport: Swimming/Running///Running/cycling
Time: 60min/45min/30min/60min
Dist: 3.2km/10km/aquajog/windtrainer
comment: Easy week, the HR's are all under control


  1. If a swim cap was breathable I'd wear it to protect my bald ass head.

  2. sounds like the plan is coming together! Transition training is something I should pay attention to as well. I am slow at it and have never put a lot of thought. Train hard and have fun!~