Friday, July 16, 2010

There are days and days

The last three weeks I've been at 90% of my game, which would do OK for another race, but not for worlds, not this year. And in the last day or two, I don't know how or why I feel the extra 10% is coming back.

I felt in perfect sync with the world today. Last night was a bit hectic but I made it to bed in a reasonable time. I woke up OK and drove us to the pool as usual.
In connection with the last post we had a good strong set of the kind I think will set me to go really well in the swim leg:
each of the series is a continuum of level3 level2 level3 with a rest interval that gets bigger and bigger but doesn't get over a minute.

It's been a while since I felt OK to lead the lane for the full set, but today I felt better and better as it went.
Then off to coffee and work and everything ticked away really nicely. Aquajog in afternoon worked OK and the quad tenderness is getting better.
It is not that there are days that I'm good or days that I am not so good. For me they come in weeks or months. I take this kind of things as they come. It's only natural that I'm not gonna be at a 100% at all times. Over the last year I've started to identify the periods. The mission for the future is start to marshall them to match training and racing schedules. Or be able to take the most advantage of that full synch period to make my fitness gains.

On another note, the first week of Training+Uni+work is over and I ticked all the boxes on the schedule. Looking forward for a bit of free time on the weekend and a catchup with TdF viewing.

And finally, if I was in North America I'd be excited about a new brand of clothing for endurance athletes. It's called endurance athlete project and it looks promising.
I'm looking forward to the free shipping deals whenever they start retailing


  1. Sounds like it's coming together! strong swimming - you practiced tran?

  2. sounds like an aweome swim ladder! I will add that one to my list if workouts! Keep doing what your doing, sounds like it is falling in place!