Saturday, July 24, 2010

Differential training

One of the guys in the picture swam a 1.03min 100m.
the other can run a 2.45 kilometre.
None of them could handle a serious hills session today.
Both will run sub 35min in Budapest.

The programme for today indicated one of the most feared and fun workouts.
We usually meet at coach's place, bike for 35 min to a house in the ridge of a secluded bay in Ackland's west coast and then:
bike down (3min) a narrow windy road (gradient between 5 and 10 with a flat 3% gradient in the middle 200m)
bike up (6min?, 1mile) the same narrow windy road
Transition onto our running shoes and run for 2.5km ondulating

And do it again.

Five times.

However, this campaign may have to be without this Waitak's session. We're playing conservatively and decided against stressing my quads with so much downhill and grinding work.

But I didn't had it easy, and fortunately I was not the only one with special treatment. My mate Carl has got a similar problem but due to different causes, we timed it quite well so we got to get some company for an otherwise boring bike+run session.

The rest of Saturday is study R&R and tomorrow is day off, with the Tour de France Time Trial on TV.

Date: 23 July / 24 July
Sport: Swim/Run /// Bike/Run
Time: 60min/30min /// 45min/20min
Dist: 3.2km/6km /// 30km/5.3km
Comment: oh... and I did some baking too!


  1. Found your blog through Patrick of The Road. Ambitious training and still time to bake!

  2. that's a sick workout. I'd love to try at least a version of that.

  3. yeah.. it's a good way to improve strength endurance... but man, it hurts!