Wednesday, July 21, 2010

thinking on your feet

I have to post an assignment to uni tomorrow, and yoga at 6am. So this is going to be quick as I need a bed right now.
There's always a time that for some reason or another, the plan needs to be tweaked. Some days are too cold to be out on the road, other times life gets in the middle of training (how you dare, work, to get in the middle of MY training?) and so on.
For me this time it has been the tender tights (I may have to talk to KFC for sponsorship on this one). The past week I had to go with an adjusted plan and it looks like I may have to do the rest of my training with little or no hills.
Today I went for a longer run again, after 2 weeks of short runs. I needed to test how much the legs can endure and communicate to coach so we can project the next five weeks.
I had good company in the form of the two best runners in the training squad, so I knew it would be testing but not challenging.
The legs responded well to the little hills and short efforts. At some point I have to put the brakes as there were some signals coming from my quads saying PAIN PAIN PAIN!.  I listened to them and here I am, reporting another happy day out.
Two years back or even last year, I may have carried on through the pain and let it go away with time, and do what the programme says. But I've learned that the smart athletes are always thinking on their feet.

I will probably miss having some serious strength endurance training. But I'll have the legs to run another day.

Date: 21 July
Sport: Swim / Run
Time: 60min / 75min
Dist: 3.2km / 15km
Comment: and it was bloody wet and cold

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  1. well said. I unfortunately agree, totally get it, but don't always listen. It's sometimes harder to stop once you've started.