Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunny weekend!

It was sooooo nice to go out there and ride all day long!, beautiful chilly winter mornings.
I jumped on my bike to to to the core conditioning that coach has on the Saturdays and a lil' run after, there was a bit of a fright with one of my quads giving me another of those funny cramps I mentioned before. I am definetely seing a physio on Monday. Then there was one full day and a half for me to rest and recover after a hard week.
I figured out what the problem may have been with my performance at training. Last time I was doing this kind of intensity workouts my house was a nest for family, my mother and sister in law were staying for a holiday and Nat's mum took care of the house, cooking, washing and pretty much everything for us. That is one hour or two a day that Nat and I are putting on our backs.
I reckon that extra housework and then going to bed a little bit later and a little bit more tired is the difference. It's good to find out, and the solution is easy, just go to bed a bit earlier and be smarter about the housework, we're back on track.
On anothe note, I received my race uniform from TriNZ, and my running cap. They look pretty mighty in black and they are open to sponsors to advertise. We get a pretty good deal from 2xU for other gear, but at the time I had to pay for the uniform I didn't have the dough for them. I hope TriNZ opens the online store again next month so I can get some more stuff.
In the meantime I'll take the race suit for name printing and so on.
Today was a day of so we enjoyed the sun and some fine food @ the beach,
Hope your weekend rocked as well.

Date: 11 july
Sport: run
Time 45min
Dist: 7km
Comment: cut short