Monday, May 31, 2010

Great way to come back

Imagine this:
you’re very successful on what you do and then you’re all over the place portrayed as a BIG CHEAT. It may be you are a singer with a syntethically modified voice. Or you’re just taking the credit from someone else. Or you’re using performance enhancing drugs, like some athletes do.

You pay your price, humiliation, unwanted attention, and everybody looses any respect they had for you. Some years later you come back, and in great form and after a period of re acclimatization you are back being a big shot. And you win a big race.

Lot of people will still call you cheat; many will not want to rate you as high as before, and overall there is a trust bridge that you know has broken.

 How would you cope with that? This guy won the Giro D’Italia for the second time, this time, though, he was clean of drugs.

It is certainly not likely that we, as amateur sportmen/women will experience it. But there are lessons there to be learned.

Lesson 1: I reckon that it takes a lot of guts to admit you were in the wrong and build that into a positive experience.

Lesson 2: You have to really believe in yourself to come back and succeed besides all the naysayers that may be around.

Lesson 3: you have to love your sport. That is the only explanation that I found for someone to do all of the above. It’s certainly not the money, and in many cases not the glory either, so I just take my hat to the new Giro champion.

Training wise I am a bit of a cheat, as I missed my swim for no excuse and I did feel guilty. But is all in the past now, I'm in the comfort of my home just about go to bed.

Date: 31 May
Sport: Running
Dist: 11km
Time: n/a
Comment: 4x7.5 min sets (2.2km) and some warm up. Suprised to heave my HR going up up up, but the legs are fine.

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  1. we are all allowed a couple of 'extra' rest dats arent we?? We can only hope a clean finish serves as an example to the others??!!