Thursday, May 13, 2010

bad day at the office

Today was one of those ones.

Work, work, and a backache from my incursions into team sports. We won the game, though, so the office was in good spirits after the victory over our colleagues.
Most of that I ran behind things, and not even for the pleasure of running, it was just luck. Or its lack.
So my hope of doing a crunch run or swim at lunchtime dissapeared pretty soon, and I was left with an outstanding bike workout.
I got home in the dark and took my training bike, fit the lights and out I went for a loop, when I got back I realized I was waaaay too late for a workshop on bike maintenance that coach was putting on for us.

It is days like this one that test my determination and motivation to the ultimate goal of a great race at worlds: the end of the tunnel is so far away and many things get in the middle that the light is hard to see. My antidote for that is just going out and run, or bike, or swim. It just happens that some times I won't be able to do it, so what next?

A good book.I'm reading one about lunar exploration that's got me hooked, I think it's time to go and lay in the sofa and enjoy it.

The kick ass bars have attracted a lot of interest in athletes and non athletes, I did a ad hoc calories count and it is somewhere around the 150Cal. for each bar if we stick to that recipe.

See you on Friday

Date: 13 May
Sport: Cycling
Time: 85min
Dist: 38km
Comment: I've forgotten how awfull is riding in the semi dark.


  1. Remember, what goes down, eventually comes up. Head high and kick ass today.


  2. Don't worry too much about what is ahead of you and the little hiccups along the route, think about what you have already done this season (and the ones before), as a whole, look at the big picture. Then take one day at a time. Hold in there, you'll see, everything will click into place... You may be mentally exhausted too, in which case you may want to have a word with your coach and give yourself a couple of days off. Missing on a couple of session will not have a great impact on your performance in 4 months'time AS LONG AS you are coming back with a stronger mental to tackle future trainings.