Saturday, May 22, 2010

A big big ball

That's what I have in my calf at the moment.
Today it was club races again. The same circuit as in my first report but one more lap, this time we were going for 72km.
As usual I had a good sleep in and this time I went for the year record. I woke up at 9.15am and got off the bed at 9.45. This assured me I was well rested and ready for the kill... well.. kind of.
The day was gorgeous, unlike yesterday, so there was a decent field on the C grade, I reckon it was about 50 of us starting the race, some I knew, some I didn't.

The usual strategy, place myself at the 3rd quarter of the field for the first lap, get to know where the wind is blowing from and what side of the road to sit to do less effort. A bunch containing a guy from a bike shop who's a step above us (to say the least) was setting the pace and it was a fast-ish pace. I found myself at the back of the bunch for half the lap, but no issues as the peloton stuck together.
The back of the bunch is not the place where I feel safer, and it usually means I am doing a lot of work just to catch up. I tried to move up and make sure I was up there on the second lap.
I did not take any food or drink during that first circuit.
I made sure I was ready to respond to a faster pace on the second, but that didn't happen and we rode happily on a recovery mode for some time. It was time to do some work so I went to the front to do my 2 minutes, and try to hang in there so to save some work later on. It just occurred to them that it was time press the gas, and the next 20minutes were pretty hectic (I won't say the hr max. and I made sure the workout is erased from my log). I had half a bottle of water with electrolite tablets (they're my new toy).
The third lap was time to hit the 2 gels I got on my back and stay trouble free, covered and save energy for the hill finish. The only problem was a baby cramp growing on my right calf (bummer... more electrolites!). Two guys made a break and nobody bother to chase, so we were all racing for third. The molesty continued all of the lap so I kept trying to stretch but with not a lot of luck.
If you remember well this was the long hill I didn't know how long it was. This time I've made my homework and stayed on third/fourth wheel at all times. On the last 2 bumps we attacked and I hung in there. Then this guy attacked again, and I gave it my best, but finished third 10 metres behind and with a huge ball on my calf.
But happy.

Date: 22 May
Sport:  Cycling
Time: 130min
Dist: 73km
Comment:  The gear doesn't make you Andy Schleck

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