Saturday, May 15, 2010

The lone triathlete

Chatting with  a mate the other day I went about the lone triathlete theory. I told them to joint our group for a try and see if they felt it would be OK for them as they were getting into triathlons. She was OK to join but he wasn't, and that's such a common thing. Us guys (at least here in NZ) are a bit more reluctant to get into a beginners group that girls are, and over time we will manage to come up to a reasonable fitness level in most disciplines without any help other than our watch and bits and pieces taken from here and there on the web, bike shop, races and so on.

So I told her: He's a lone triathlete, let him be.. and wait for the moment when he tells you "i'm gonna do an ironman", because the lone triathlete is oh-so-tough that it comes natural for them to go the long hours just running, or riding and the good thing is, that they won't be so much of a drag on the account of their epic outings.

I'm not lone athlete, neither ironman (by the way, I've got to make a decision about that race soon as entries will sell out for IMNZ, I hope my sponsor can fund me) I just feel more comfortable going out with a group that can challenge me, or pace me or lend me a spare CO2 and some times (I am being honest here) boring when going about what I've done for the day. I make a concious effort not to, but sometimes it just happens (i.e. this blog).

Anyway, today was a day off and sooo good to sleep in, catch up with some old friends and carry on with my book. All positive now, and enjoying the last couple of weeks of base training.
Have a great weekend out there, and stay safe.

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