Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gear Talk #2

As I was running yesterday I looked at my right foot and realized that the shoes I was running with are starting to give in. It's a small thing and I don't realize until a funny landing sound comes when I do uphills. It's got to do with the type of material of the outer soles as well, but generally Adidas and Nike will do that on me.
With time one becomes sort of an expert in shoes and their different specs. I like Adidas for durability and value for money and I've never used Ascics. Nikes are OK but they wear out too quickly and NB are too wide for my foot most times. Of the shoes currently on my rack, the oldest pair has over 1000km run on them, the second one about 600 and the third one is on the mid 400's. I know, it's about bloody time I get some new ones, but I've been busy. Besides, with this blog and my written log book, I've left behind the electronic log book so the KM counts on shoes has been done by guesstimate.
One of the bad things of reading too much about the sport is that the amount of information sometimes conflicts and some other times it gets annoyingly tecchie and what is worst, scares you off going out and having a good time. I read somewhere that shoes should be changed at 600km, and to be fair, they may well have to. But the shoes I loved and would use for most my runs have been discontinued and the newer model is not quite the same fit, so i've been busy looking for the second most perfect shoe for the last 3 months and I've overworn the others. Shall I stop going for a run until I have some backup ones? Am I an injury waiting to happen?
Dunno, I'm probably too tired today to answer, but I thought it was a good topic to put out there.

Today was a single workout day,
Date: 6 May
Sport: Cycling
Time: 45min
Dist: N/A
Comment: the very last day as a lab rat, here's the data


  1. make sure you find a good fit! I listened to someone about fit and the proper shoe instead of oing with what worked for me in the past. I did not run most of Nov, Dec, January as a result! But, dont wait, you are to far along to get an injury now! Cheers

  2. Mate, if your shoes are visually worn out, they are most likely well pas their "due by" date...
    I have been told that shoes last 600 to 900 km max. My IM pair lasted me 3 months, at min 60 km pw, you make the maths. If you are prone to running injuries like me, make sure you get a new pair ASAP... Especially if your body start tiring. Not worth the risk. Plus some specialist stores will let you exchange your shoes after a week or so if you are not happy. J.

  3. thanks for the advise. I'll make sure I do something about it.
    Specially now that I may do a longer kind of race next march

  4. hey Valennnn!!!, me too i still using the ascics i get for free in tha Half Auckland more than a year ago, no money, Europe ta con CRISIS jaja, but i still running fast, is not about the shoes, is in your mind and lots of trainings, but if you have money go and buy ones, dont wait to be with an injury, you know im the most RATA man, no money to buy a shoes, i promess to my self, next month i going to buy one pair, a cheaper one, keep training hard, thats the key to succes...