Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another solo run

This is how to do to stuff up a day that had started pretty good training and workwise. The mission was to do the prescribed 90min run with the training group and have a nice relaxing day
12pm: Miss a call from a friend for a sneak 45min ocean swim and regret it.
3.45pm: give up to your cravings and go for a pot of oats and yoghurt.
4.15pm: call your coach and ask him what route the group is doing to meet them 1/3 into the run.
4.50pm: knock off from work, talk to a colleague and loose the 10 min. advantage to the traffic
5.00pm: get stuck in a mini jam
5.03pm: re route to another mini jam
5.15pm: pick up the wife and rush home
5.33pm: get home 5min later and get changed in a flash
5.37pm: realize there's no vaseline or shammy cream you know where (but keep going or you're missing the bunch)
5.38pm: get off to run what you think is 3km and is 4.25km. Eat the rolling hills in a rush up tempo to not to miss the bunch.
6.01pm: wait and see on the meeting point.
6.02pm: keep going, withdraw the catch up mission, settle into a good pace
6.30pm: get to the turnaround point without seen them at all! swear in low voice
7.00pm: start feeling (and listening) the oats and yogurt doing their work.
7.02pm: start doing a mental map of the closest toilet between now and home
7.03pm: withdraw the johnny mission, keep runnin, forest!
7.15pm get home feeling a complete wreck, straigth to the throne
8.00pm: map your run and realize you needed to be out of your home 10min earlier to catch the bunch and, by going all the way, you've done another half marathon! D'oh!.

But there are two positives: the first one is that the first part of the run was intense, but the heart stayed pretty much outside the red zone.
The second one is that I learned what not to eat before this long runs.

Date: 5 May
Sport: Swim /// Run
Time: 60min /// 95min
Dist: 3km /// 20.5km
Comment: love the 10, 20 or 30 times sets /// it was a long run to the toilet

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