Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Endurance dog

Continuing with my weatherman reports I am not very happy to announce that winter is looking very wintry in Auckland. Although we are luckier thatn many other guyst in NZ that have been battered by the weather gods.
So, I had to endure a bit of the bad weather in order to tick the box on my workouts for the week. Wednesday is long run and I had planned to go a new route. I went out later than usual after a power nap with Nat (15 minutes for me, dunno for her) to wait for the rain to ease.
3km into the run I get this walker and her dog on a narrow part of the footpath, I slowed down and continued doing my thing. I realized after some time that the dog was following me, and we got to a part of the road where you have to change footpaths due to some roadworks I crossed and took the dog with me as the owner was not on sight. We waited for some time and the girl told me that it was not her dog, that it had followed her all the way along for some time.
I wasn't carrying my phone, so I discounted calling the animal control services. There were 15km of running still to go, and the girl carried on walking leaving me not many options. I decided not to go back, but to shorten my workout to 10 more km and call from home. I kept running at a comfy 4.30 pace and was escorted by this big brown beast who was keeping the pace quite well. I named him endurance dog.
There's a bit of ondulation on the final 5km and I made sure endurance dog got hydrated and we hit the hills to get back home.
Nat was happily surprised to see me arrive with my new friend and after a call and 30 minutes wait we got someone to pick endurance dog and take him back to the owners, 5km down the road from my place.
The funny thing is that this guy is pretty well known among the animal control people, as he has escaped so many times. I was the 5th person to report him today, and it had already been and broken out of someone else's home.

Date: 26 May
Sport: Swim /// Run
Time: 60min /// 65min
Dist: 3.3km /// 14km
Comment: I think I found a new running partner.

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  1. winter does suck for outdoor training! Way to go on bringing endurance dog along with you for the run and back to his home! someone appreciates it!