Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bunch ride reviews #1 - A decent ride

This is going to be where I'll tell my experiences with different organized bunch rides accross Auckland. There are many of these around and I've had good, average and bad experiences with them. The reviews are based only on my personal experience and expectations and limited to what what has happened in the day I went out.

Today was time for a long ride, the programme says 100km minimum. As always we didn't have anything set in stone with my mate Gordon, so I decided it was good to join the IBike bunch, he was meant to come, but living in the other side of town sometimes is not the easiest for him or me.

IBike is a well known bike shop in Auckland and the guys there are always good help. Once a month they do a long long ride and I keep getting the newsletter and never got to join them for one reason or other.
As I've never rode with them I was a bit hesitant, but as soon as I got to the shop the people that was there were nice besides the early morning so that put me in the mood for a good day out.

And indeed it was!, we went all the way the Great South Road, to Drury, The Hunuas, Clevedon and back to Auckland. The group was all guys (not sure if it's always like this) and there were a few first timers like me. The pace was tranquil during the whole ride even thought the first 2 hours is mostly flat and smooth roads. On the hills sections the bunch spread but soon got back together as the faster guys waited at some point not far. There were a few punctures and two guys went missing on a big descent. I was impressed to see the guy from the shop call the missing ones on their phones (first time I see that everybody is tracked).
There was a stop 3/4 of the way to re fuel and re hydrate and then all rode happily back into town.

Overall I rate this bunch ride 5/5 as it is well beheaved (we stop at every single red light); friendly (everybody seems to be a morning person); well paced (it suits an average rider like me and I reckon a someone a bit weaker wouldn't have a problem either); and organized (see the missing guy episode above). I'm looking forward to ride with this guys again.

Back home we had a misunderstanding with Nat and she was of the idea I would arrive 2 hour later than I did, so we improvised a brunch instead of the planned canelloni. And as I said before, I love a good brekkie, and this is kind of what I'm talking about. What can I say? Iove my wife

Date: 2 May
Sport: Cycling
Time: 5.30 (riding time 4.52)
Dist: 125km
Comment: doesn't get any better than this!


  1. sounds like an overall awesome day! gotta love it! good training ride, good miles! Cheers

  2. Always good to know, most impressed by the etiquette of that bunch, been with other before (won't mention names) and swore never again for the opposite reasons... If you happen to have longish runs these coming weekends, give me a shout as I have been exploring the Waitaks and Hunuas lately. Some real good trails that a tramper like you will love. And remember X-training works ! Abrazos. El Jere del Rincon.

  3. thanks guys and Jere, yes.. we need to go running, but Sat morning no good for you, is it?

  4. Can do Saturday 9:15 am after Core Strenght session... Means we'd be at Arataki visitor centre by 10 am and home by 1 pm... Deal ???
    Just gotta convince my dear wife but the prospect of a family breakfast on Sunday should do the trick... Cheers J,
    PS: hope she doesn't read my Post :-)
    PPS: maybe that is the subject of your next article; training time vs family time, the (almost) impossible balance