Sunday, May 23, 2010


When I woke up today, the ball in the calf was still there, not a good sign.
I had planned to take the morning off because Nat was doing a half marathon in the infamous town of Huntly. I say infamous because everybody I know seems to hate it and there are many jokes about it. It is one of those towns that have the misfortune to be in a very uncharacteristic location and have close to nothing to see or do.
Anyway, I knew I wasn't gonna do anything with a sore calf. My main mission of the day was to be support crew for my lovely wife who's taking on a half marathon for the first time ever. She's been training allright for the last two months and even though there were a couple of missed sessions, she was strong.
The night before there were a bit of nerves, but I did my best with a healthy pasta dinner and half a glass of wine for her to sleep well (ha ha ha). Today I woke up, made some toast and we drove to the start line.

(check out the guy having a quick fix before the start of the race)

I had predicted 2 hours 10 and I wasn't that far... she had never run over 90 minutes so there was the doubt she could run the whole course, but she did.. and that's great.
Being support crew (I learned today) is quite a task, you're always on the move trying to catch some sights and assist your athlete. As you're also not excercising that much, you're prone to get cold very easily (we're in winter here) and I hadn't counted on that, so I was red nosed for most of the day.
We were done by two pm and I managed to so some stretches before Nat crossed the line, so that's as far as it went. I did some more stretches and a massage later at home and I am happy to report that the ball has receeded and I'm back on track.

Date: 23 May
Day off to heal the calves.
Lesson learned: keep hydrated through the whole race!, get another bottle cage.


  1. Congrats to Nat and good luck with the calve getting better.

  2. Nata, para la foto posaste muy bien, así que bien valió el esfuerzo si te sacó esa sonrisa.
    ¿Cual de los dos tenía una bola dolorosa, se golpearon o se torcieron algo? mom...

  3. Bravo Natalia, que esfuerzo. Tengo que mostrar esta pagina a Muriel, para darla "motivation". J