Sunday, May 9, 2010

Triathlon, and how to do many things along with it.

This is my -no-day-off-weekend: Saturday was the races from 12 to 6pm with travel time and Sunday was an easy 3.5 hr bike wich ended in an extended brunch for Nat and I, and that and a movie later on was the only family time available.
A good mate suggested I raise the topic of how much of a challenge is to be a triathlete, a family man, a working man and a mate to the "normal" friends. He is a 9.30hr ironman, and I'm a 4.40hr half ironman. Another mate is a 2hr standard distance man and we all share the same struggles as many others. To be an amateur sportman is challenging no matter the sport or the level
I thought about it and I don't think I've got anything original to say about it, many people has talked about the issue so many times, that mine would be a very very average post.
What I do think is that triathlon is a lifestyle, and as much a struggle as it is an indulgence. I'm going to Budapest not on a patriotic duty, but to try to achieve the best of my potential as an athlete and in doing so leaving my club and my national federation is good standing, that's pretty much it. The rewards are individual, as it is the solitude of the long dark hours of running in the wet Auckland winter.
Not long from now I know Nat and I will be Nat, me and Co. and I won't be able to commit 10/15 hours of my weekend gone to training. So for now, I am happy I can do it, and try to optimize the opportunities to have a nice time with my wife, then train, then other things.
I cannot afford to waste time in complaining or regretting any decisions to train or not to train, to go or not to go anywhere. That time can be used for things that make me better as an athlete.

Anyway, I just thought about that today in my training ride (the airport loop, topic of a next post) and even thought is not a great argumentation, is something that can be dangerous in the mental prepping of any race.
In a lighter note, I met again with Mr Peacock, a character that I met every now and then. I hope many of you will be able to tell where it resides,

Date 9 May
Sport:  Cycle
Time: 180min
Dist: 75km (give or take)
Comment: I need a speedo!, or a Garmin 310.

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