Friday, May 21, 2010

Just mean

The alarm clock went out at 5.40, Friday morning. I turned it off and went back to bed for my usual stretching. It was pretty cold. I could hear the rain noise, that was just mean weather. Nat was playing sleeping beauty.
What about staying in?, I thought. Coach is not here, I've had a pretty good attendance record (yes... i'm pretty disciplined) and it would not hurt to rest and recover.
But it wasn't me... it was the infamous little man talking in my head, trying to convince me that it was not the perfect day.
A good motivator in this situations is the fact that the bag with all may clothing and the other bag with the day's food and everything is on the doorstep, so if I stay in I still have to wake up in an hour and get cold to get my clothes and so on. So we got up, dressed and off to the pool. It was miserable to get there, but once we dove into the pool everything bad was left behind.
We had a pretty interesting set and it was all level 2 with some fly interchanged to boost up the shoulders. Good stuff.
The weather didn't improve till well into the afternoon so after checking with my mates from work the midday run was flagged (not for all, though, someone made sure I felt guilty for not going out)
I kept thinking about the perfect day, and realized that it will never happen for someone that works 40 odd hours a week, plus has a life plus trains for triathlons. There are many things that can be an inconvenient, but if I ever concede on any of those things (cold, wet weather; too much to do at work; not the greatest flashest winter gear; blah blah blah) then I'm losing my race.
And I don't want to loose my race. Wanna give it the best shot, and that means ensuring the little man is kept locked on its cave.
Tomorrow's gonna be great day, the weather says, and I so hope it is, coz I'm racing,
stay tuned,

Date: 21 May
Sport: Swimming
Time: 60min
Dist: 3.2km
Comment: Fridays means muffins after pool, Loved'em.

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  1. great jon on taking care of the little man! isnt he a pain in the butt! winter does suck for training, but think aboutb how easy the start line in the sun will be!