Monday, May 3, 2010

Triathlon legends #3

This guy has been doing triathlons from one or two seasons before I met the sport. He's as kiwi as they come and the first impression I got off him was of a very serious guy with a lot of tats. His name is Carl but we all know him as Reado. He's a very good runner, and a gutsy cyclist as well.
It's been two years since then, it was my first ever interval training in any sport. I didn't even know what intervals were for and I learned the lesson pretty quickly. We were ment to do 4 times 1km at level 3 (85%max) with 2min rest and I started running behind him. I cracked sub 3.40 and he was a good ten seconds ahead of me. The difference was that then my times went up while him and the rest of the group was keeping a pretty steady pace.
A few weeks later I went behind him on a long 90min run, I finished; but then I was out of running for 2 days so I learned to stay away from him if I was to survive the first season in the sport.
Later we got to know each other and we are good training mates, and did the fundraising gig together. He beats me on every single run workout but I try not to let him have it lightly and that keeps me motivated enough on the run.
Yesterday he got a third place on the Rarotonga International Triathlon, a tri that happens once a year in that tropical island in the Cooks. Last year he got second, and the year before he was fourth, so he's not a bad performer. He's also sprint distance Age Group National champion for Spints and silver medallist on the standard distance. I got a text from him telling me he was dissapointed, can you believe it?
I know he'll bounce back and hopefully i'll be giving him a hard time in Budapest, where he'll be trying to better his 10th placing from last year world champs and I'll be trying with all my might not lo let him catch me, as I still have a bit of an advantage in the water.
Today was a chilli day in Auckland, but I still got up on time for my swim and had a nice time on the run
Date 3 May
Sport: Swim /// Run
Time: 60min /// 60min
Dist: 2.8km /// 9km
Comment: lotsa drills! /// I am good at intervals now, every year a bit better


  1. gotta love those kind of guys! make us work harder and fastyer tahn we thought we could in order to get better!

  2. quite right, and also trying to still have an edge where I still beat them... ha ha ha. but is positive presure, so all good.