Thursday, May 20, 2010


Hat a catch up with coach, he was leaving for some time so I thought we touch base. We agreed the latest results (plus the bike lab results) show I'm on track. I was told, however to watch my heart rate a bit more closely and make sure I'm working under 80% at all times.
It was a nice way of telling me to hold on a bit more on the speedwork sessions and to use cruise control a bit more on some of the longer runs. I'm not hugely competitive by nature and most times not fuzzed about others going faster than me for a given workout. However I'm sometimes putting some pressure to not to miss to be too far away of the fast guys or not to miss the train.
I reckon that patience and discipline do pay in the long run. And the race in Budapest is still some time far away, so it is a good reminder. Another thing that pays is to listen to one's body, and mine, today, was not on for a workout on the wet cold winter day, so I decided to put it off and have some home time with my wife. I'm off now and be back tomorrow with a mean cruizy swim and a mean cruizy run,
See ya!

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  1. seesm to be a common story, go slow! watch HR! less is more is more! I have made most of my progress doing HR slow stuff that smontimes drives me nuts! Saty warm!