Thursday, April 8, 2010

The best part of the day

I'm writing this while I'm having my second brekkie of the day, it looks like yesterday was a lot of calories expended and I am starving.
I love breakfast, If it was possible to have 5 brekkies a day I would go for it all the way. Probably because of the combination of flavours, or thanks to coffee, or just that I like mornings.
Over the years I've gone through eras: bread and butter and jam, croissants, cereals, porridge, muesli, fruits always with a coffee on the side. I've settled lately for muesli, banana and yogurt for the first brekkie of the day and peanut butter and honey on multigrain when I have two. I've got a bit of a sweet tooth

Back to the earliest post about the base period, the next five to six weeks will be of a lot of mileage on the pool and the bike and slightly up on the run, mostly on an easy to moderate pace. The idea is to teach the body to burn fat for fuel and optimize the use of the carbs stored in the muscles (which burn at a faster rate and dissappear soon, compromising performance) for the last bits of the race and be able to go hard then and have the last laugh. The bigger the base, they say, the bigger the peak.
I think of this as another kind of holiday and enjoy it a lot as there is not a lot of fatigue and Auckland this time of the year is still a dry city, so the long bike rides and long runs are still quite enjoyable.
and here, my friends, is my little contribution to my own triathlon Glory,

Date: 8 Apr
Sport: Cycle
Time: 65 minutes
Distance: n/a
Comment: on the lab again, next weeks I promise photos

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  1. what a cool training toll to be the lab cuinea pig! I am going to get a hold of uni's around here and see if they are looking for any lab rats! Happy training!