Monday, April 5, 2010

Starting over

Why blog? Why now? Why me?, well…. I don’t have the answers to these questions. But a few days back it kind of grew in me the need to come back and start this sort of chronicle.

Not that I am new to this, but the publicity (just the fact that this could be read by anyone) of this venture changes things, I think, for good. The idea is to have between 150 and 300 daily words about the campaign, the sport, myself and other things that happen and I hope that it does someone some good (it will to me)

So here I am, Valen, 30, married, triathlete in the dark hours, investigator by day, adopted aucklander and wannabe wellingtonian.

It all officially started yesterday, the first Sunday of April marks the start of my campaign to achieve the best possible placing in the triathlon race to happen in Budapest, on September 12th. It is the Age Group (AG) world championships, which is the reason it’s so important for some of us. It happens once a year on a different place in the world.

I said this trip started yesterday, but in actual facts the trip started the day after the similar race I did last year in the AG world champs in Goldie, Australia and continued by earning qualification in the national champs, in Wellington, last March

So… besides the chat, here’s my training for the day.

Date 4-Apr
Sport Hiking
Time 3hr
Dist 9km
Comment Cross training doesn’t get any better than this

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