Sunday, April 11, 2010

Good times

Today we were volunteers for a Triwoman race in Duder's beach, about an hour from home. We had to marshal the girls in ant out T2. It was so cool to see so many people giving it a try to the sport in all sort of settings (Mtbs, commuter bikes, bikinis, you name it). All of them with a smile and having fun on yet another great autumn day.
Which brings me to what I left unsaid yesterday. I am in serious need of some gear: bib shorts, long sleeved cycle jersey, bike computer (lost in a race), bottle cages  and running shorts. That is the basics, on a second tier there is a bigger list. I've made do without them over the last seasons but they keep wearing out, and I keep postponing the buys (the Budapest plans require their own budget). I learned today that to do a triathlon you only need a bike, swim googles and a pair of running shorts and you are in. To be competitive you may want to have a road bike, and a wetsuit, and a training plan. To be competitive in a world championship race it appears that you need a whole lot more, and it aches my wallet, so donation are more than welcome.
After marhsalling I rode the scenic coastal ride to Kaiaua with my mate Gordo, while Nat enjoyed the farmers market,

Date: 11 Apr.
Sport: Cycle
Time: 3 hr
Distance: 72km
Comment: I killed it with the pie and the coke after, Bummer!


  1. come on! a bike and a pair f shorts and you are there! that is ho you made it in the first place isnt it??! This sport does cost money! we should do a global bottle drive for triathletes! CHeers

  2. thanks!, my point being.. less is more, I should always remember