Monday, April 26, 2010

The athlete's best friend

I read a long time ago about the three types of athletes according to Joe Friel ( ) it's a good clasification and I must say I am of the kind that doesn't see a lot of blacks and white but quite a variety of greys. So I woul always place myself somewhere ticking one, two or three of these boxes (I would say a big tick on scientist and a smaller one on artist?). The point of today being, that I asked myself the question wether my lack of rest day on Sat determined my wall hitting experience on Sunday. I don't know the answer, and I don't care a lot.

Recovery is what makes you better, isn't it? training teaches you what will happen come race day, but recovery will allow to step out of bed the next day and do it all over again, and again and again until the body has been tamed to respond to the race demands.
Been on base training means that more often than not I'm not really tired (at least not knocked off) after training and the general perception is that I won't need as much recovery. So I get to go to bed a bit later, have the odd glass of wine, and of course skip rest days. The catch of this is that in actual scientific terms I would probably still need pretty much the same time to recover, the excertion may not have been as intense as a couple of months back, but the lengh of the workout on the amount of workouts do require I take them a bit more seriously.
I'm not trying to say here that I regret my Saturday swim/bike... but if I was to do the bike race on a more serious note I should have taken the rest and recovery day a bit more serious and stuck to the plan.
Other than that my Monday has flown nicely, the legs were feeling the race's hits but the back was fully on one piece. Tickets are selling slow but I am sure we'll be fine in our fundraising event next Wednesday,

Date 26 Apr
Sport: swim /// run
Time: 60min /// 60min
Dist: 2.7km /// 9km
Comment: Drills morning /// back to winter camp, photos next Monday

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