Friday, April 9, 2010

Triathlon legends #1

Been new to the sport I struggled my way through and learned bits and pieces, if you look for, there's always people willing to help you, and that is called camaraderie. I like the camaraderie in this sport. For the best part of a year I trained in the tri club run squad and later learned that the guy that was running the squads, George H.,  was also coaching some of the athletes in preparation for World Champs. This was two years ago and I had completed a handful of lil' races here and there, but was already hooked.

Later that month I found that one of the girls from the squad was gold medal in her age group in the champs in Canada, so I was stoked I was being coached by a guy that knew his business quite well.
Some time later I approached him and asked if he would coach me and he said yes, since then I believe there's been times he may regret his desicion (ha ha) but I certainly did not. He does most of the planning and I do most of the workouts, and it all works quite well,

It felt quite strange at first to be coached as an adult athlete, I never thougth I would be in this kind of "back to school" position, but over the time i believe i've learnt a lot and hopefully, improved as an athlete, I just hope I don't get beaten by him in the pool or the bike again.
He's also been chosen Coach of the Year last month so I'm afraid the fees will go up soon ; ).
In the end, here's what he got me to do today:

Date: 9 April
Sport: Swimming /// running
Time: 60 minutes /// 50 minutes
Dist: dunno /// 'bout 10k
Comment: top secret workout detailed in the photo /// I ruined this happy couple photo!

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