Wednesday, April 14, 2010


If I want to do best in Budapest I have to up my game in transition. On the qualifier race I did terrible, fell on the grass on T1, took too long to get the wetty out and on T2 I just went too slow again. Today was a day of many transitions, and I did not dare to time them, but I will do on a similar occasion. Here's the days transitions and what could have been:
T1: bed to Pool, 25min, I could have skipped the bite of fruit and saved 20secs!, (15min driving)
T2: Pool to work 35min (on the wrong side of the traffic rush hour)
T3: work to post office (I should have gone to post office on T2)
T4: work to bike, 7 minutes (best of the day)
T5: bike to work, 20 minutes (took to much on the shower)
T6: work to home, (could have run home, but didn't organize in advanced)
T7: out to run,  (I shouldnt have read the crap mail)
T8: run to dinner, (shower too, cold, I had to shave coz I forgot in the morning)
T9: dinner to work (I HAD to, no choice there)
T10: work to home (could have worked, from home, but had to pick up Nat, so no issues there)
T11: blog to bed (I should have had a plan of what to write, ha ha ha)
and the three workouts for the day

Date: 14 Apr
Sport: swimm /// bike /// run
Time: 60min /// 60min  /// 95min
Distance: 3.2km  /// 15km  /// 16.4 km
Comment: chilly! /// hill reps /// back to group running and chat, like it!

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