Saturday, April 10, 2010

Awesome Autumn Day

It really was.
One thing about living in the southern hemisphere is that most of us get a disfunctional kind of season if we decide to take on a world championship event like the race in Budapest. First I have to peak for the qualifier race, in my case the National Champs a month ago, and then to the World Champs, six months down the track, which obviously mean that there is very little off season and winter is gonna be interesting!. Back from World (this is October, now) we have a couple of months till the first summer triathlon start and then it all on again.

One other strange thing is that the club road cycling season also goes through de wrong part of daylight saving, so I got to go to my first club race of the year as indicated on my programme. I have raced not many of these and they are always a question mark as how hard it's gonna be as I don't know the courses very well.

Today it was one of those rare Saturdays where I don't have to wake up at any specific time, so we slept in till about 8. Clear blue sky and a the sun shining mildly and giving that horizontal kind of light that only autumn days have. Went racing at midday and had an OK race but run out of legs on the uphill finish, the drawing is from this artist that Nat and I love called Liniers and pretty much illustrates the end of my race today. Back home my bottom is still complaining about the rough chip road, I think I need to go and buy some gear, but more on that topic on tomorrow's post.

Date: 10 Apr.
Sport: Cycling
Time: 1.24
Distance: 52km
Comment: I should have taken my camera, soo cool views!

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