Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Are we there yet?

It may be surely not triathlon related, but today I was quite anxious all day, I feel hungry, and nervous like I do some times before big events. Not sure what's the reason as there were no big events coming. But it was a good topic to be raised.
I remeber been very anxious last year for the worlds championship race. The day before was quite a long one and I was quite tired, however I managed to screw up and sleep not more than 6 hours. This year for Nationals I was on my own and slept quite well the nerves probably induced me to over eat a bit, but to my credit I snacked very wisely and healthy.
The pre-race night I remember the most is the one before the Karapiro half. I travelled to lake Karapiro on my own and pitched the tent on the campsite next to the lake. I thought some people from the race would be at the camp, but I was wrong, there was only one other guy and that was that. Overnight I was in bed quite early for my liking (bout 8pm) and after sleeping till some time past 1am I started to hear the possum and other creatures horrible noises!, I almost crapped myself and slept in 10 minutes intervals for the following 4 hours.
The lesson learned: there's always stuff that's gonna put me off focus, I'm on a journey to develop a system to deal with them. Until the perfect pre race night comes, whatch this space, it may be more funny stories!,
After this amazing soup made by my very own hands I think the anxiety is over,
time to check my days' workout:
Date 21 Apr.
Sport: Cycle
Time: 1hr
Dist: n/a
Comment: they raised my wattage on the lab, and the legs responded, I am proud of them!

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