Thursday, April 29, 2010

The function report

The day finally arrived and we did our Movie screening last night.
It's been a couple of busy days that saw me off the web. But here's the update.
The idea was to put together something that would help a couple of mates and I raise some dough for the big adventure to worlds and also give something  back to the ones that supported us. The movie night proved to be quite a success and I was stoked to see so much support, it's one of those things that always boost one's morale. And mine today is quite high.
It was a varied audience, with people from all over the place: lots of brits, scots, some french and other europeans, athletes of all kind, friends from work, uni, training and wives and husbands that I hadn't met before. The drinks started rolling and everybody enjoyed themselves while we tried to get as much money off them as we could (some on the spot raffles thanks to generous donations by our coach, Nat and others). After that everyone went to see the movie "the blind side" based on a true story from this american football player.
Today in the morning everybody I met was genuinely happy with the night out, and that is all I needed to hear. Then we did the maths and we got enough to pay our race fees (50 000 HU Florints, which sounds like a lot) and part of the admin fees, so all in all a happy night and a happier morning,
And this was the workout

Date 28 Apr.
Sport: Swim
Time: 60min
Dist: 3.1km 

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  1. Great ot hear that your event was a success! now the hard work continues! look forward to following your progress and motivational workouts! Cheers!