Friday, April 30, 2010

A cuppa

I was reading an article about the good and not so good of coffee drinking. Pretty interesting indeed, if you have time go and have a look.

I came through it as part of research I was doing on the effects of drinking coffee at night. According to Nat, it was not very good because it doesn’t allow the body to go into the deep sleep cycles where the good muscle repairing and other performance enhancing tricks happen that allow the body to keep performing. According to me, I go bed and sleep no matter what I ate or drunk before.
But I thought I’d dig deeper to find more solid answers.
Unfortunately, I found none, so I am happy with the findings from the runner’s world article. It suits my argument and that’s that.

But we’ve already introduced coffee replacement drink for the night coffee, it’s the good ole’ malt. I haven’t drunk that beverage for about 18 years. Since I left primary school. Therefore, the aroma of it brought me back to my young days and a story that I thought it’s worth sharing:

My mom is not a morning person, she never was and we don’t like her when she’s been taken off the bed earlier than 9am, ha ha ha (she’ll be translating this and giving me a hard time tomorrow). Anyway, when I was 9 years old I started to go to school in the mornings (8 to 12) and that would last for the next 8 years. So my mum woke up for the first couple of days and taught me how to prepare my breakfast (malt prepared with hot milk, toasts and preserves). From day 3 onwards it was me on my own waking up at 7.20, getting breakfast and on my bike to school.

The tale is on the family history books and many people jokes my mum has no heart. With time, I realize that she was actually teaching me something that I’ve come to deem as one of my strengths, which is the ability and confidence that I can do most stuff by myself. Probably that’s one of the reasons that I decided to come into an individual sport and not a team one to be competitive, who knows.

And it all started with a cup of malt,

So to catch up this is what Thursday brought to me and later today I’ll get Friday’s one
Date: 29Apr.
Sport: Bike /// Run
Time: 60min /// 60 min
Dist: n/a /// 11.5kn
Comment: last lab set, only one more TT to go! /// backyard 10km


  1. the article works for me! I will keep up with my coffee and johnny and the spot visit before my races! when you get your lab results, will they publish them, woudl love to see the results!

  2. ¡Aquí está tu Momm...! Y cómo me gustan tus palabras, Gracias por recordarme sin recores (Je,je,je) Un equipo también es valedero, pero lamentablemente, tu = que yo, has elegido ser individual y jugarte por entero. ¡SUERTE!, Y ¡VAMOS NATALIA!, que también el copiloto se lleva los laureles. Lo cortés, no quita lo valiente. Mantarraya.