Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Turning blue

This is a weird week, with Easter Monday and school holidays, the city seems to be running on a different pace. Monday, Wednesday and Fridays are my swim days, and today was the first swim since last Friday. But the pool we use is closed for maintenance for the week so there was the option of training in an outdoor non heated pool (19degrees celcius, I later found that it was not that hot indeed and people had turned blue after 20 minuntes in the pool while the evil coach sat there and gave orders : ) ) or finding an alternative, I decided for the alternative for many reasons, the most important is some sort of emotional attachment I have towards the good ol' teps. So there I was, at 7.15 ready to do my own thing.

In my first year in NZ I mainly worked, read, explored went to the beach and watched TV (they stil screen Friends here, every weekday at 6) as well as socializing with a lot of newfound friends. After getting bored of that routine I decided to go and trake some swim lessons at the tepid baths to polish a bit my strokes, a few weeks later I joined the teps swim squads and got to know some people there that invited me to swim in the sea, and then someone suggested I should try triathlon and here I am, 3 years later getting ready to kick ass in Budapest. Many of the people I know in new zealand I have indeed met in my swim togs in that 100 and something years old building in the posh part of the city known as viaduct harbour.

And here is the workouts for the day:

Date: 7 Apr.
Sport: AM Swimming /// PM Running
Time: 70minutes /// 75minutes
Distance: 3.8km /// 14.5km
Comment: I didnt turn blue! /// training solo for the 2nd time in the day

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  1. looking forward to following your quest to kicking some ass in Budapest! Should serve as a great inspiration on my IM journey! Go get it!